Golden Era

The Golden Era exemplifies the unique strength and aroma that Ceylon tea offers. These handpicked tea leaves are artistically produced from the finest facilities in the verdant hills of Ceylon. The Ceylon tea comes with a refined and superior aroma, which epitomizes the natural and traditional flavors of Sri Lanka.

The Golden Era brand reflects the pride of Sri Lanka and pays honors to the tea-growing tradition. The strong flavors infuse the variations in mountains, environments, and weather patterns of Sri Lanka, providing authentic flavors. Our Managing Director, Shamilal, expresses immense adoration for original Ceylon tea. This is why he named his first brand the ‘Golden Era,’ which signified the birth of a new colorful era upholding the past traditions of quality and best practices of yesteryear.

Essentially, we have created our brand to uphold the country’s standards of becoming the best global tea provider. Our teams have integrated the latest advancements to ensure superior packaging of tea in value-added packs. For us, the Golden Era brand of Ceylon tea is more than a beverage, instead, it illustrates our culture, history, and identity. Our goal with Golden Era is to enable the consumer to experience the genuine warmth, beauty, aroma, and richness that best defines 'Ceylon.'

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