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About Shan Teas

Shan Teas (Private) Limited was established in 2003. However, collectively, our team has acquired over sixty years of experience in the tea manufacturing industry. Since our origination, we have accomplished a reputation for being one of the fastest-growing tea exporting companies in Sri Lanka .

For us, Shan Teas is not just a business, it’s a passion. Our Managing Director, Shamilal Wirasinha, has developed an unbound fervor for tea after spending his childhood in the plantation environment. Tea has always been an integral part of Shamilal’s life, as he started his career in the industry at the ripe age of 17. Since then, he has experienced growth in his career, knowledge, and insight on the growing, marketing, and exporting of tea in global markets.

As tea is a part of Shan Teas heritage, integrating quality in our product and service is our priority. Our passion for our job has fueled us to earn the title of one of the top tea exporters within last four years.

Our dynamic, young, and skilled teams use innovation and creativity to add value and best serve the clients. Additionally, our experienced staff meticulously ensures that the quality of our product remains superior.


Shan Teas provides customers with bespoke services. We are willing to accommodate the customer demands and remain flexible to provide the best services to ensure customer satisfaction. We always work towards a long term business relationship and willing to work out of the box to achieve this.


Our business relies foremost on integrity, trust, and transparency. Our business philosophy which revolves around these values has enabled us to grow reliable partnerships around the world with win-win outcomes for all parties.


We are driven by our passion to deliver superior products and services. The energetic young team we are blessed with provides the necessary impetus to achieve the customer centric and business goals.

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To be the heart of supplying the best quality Ceylon tea around the world.



Sustainability through ethical practices and environmentally friendly processes while assuring quality in sourcing, blending, packaging, and delivering the freshness to spread smiles from the tea gardens of Ceylon to the teapots around the world.

Core Values

customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Employee Wellbeing
Sustainable And Ecofriendly Processes
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Integrity And Ethical Practices

What Makes Us Different

Attention To Detail

We are a group of over-achievers with the tendency to examine every aspect of manufacturing, and supply chain management to meet the customer specific requirements and demands. Our team pays immense attention to detail to ensure a superior quality and service.

Fast Delivery

We understand the importance of providing a quick delivery service. Our team takes every measure to ensure that your order reaches you promptly.

Personalised Service

Shan Teas is widely known for optimal products, standards, customizations, and swift delivery services. With the eternal hunger to provide the best, we focus to give a matchless experience to our customers.

Understanding Customer Needs

The primary objective of our establishment is to build strong partnerships with our customers. We have created a business based on trust, quality, customer satisfaction, and an outstanding track record.

Our Strengths



The Youngest Team In The Tea Industry
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Strong Customer Relationships

Our Facility

At Shan Teas we store tea with reverence to ensure freshness. The company employs professionals who are well trained with skills and use state of the art machines following the best practices for sorting, cleaning and blending of teas to ensure that we serve our clients with the best quality Ceylon tea Sri Lanka offers to the world.

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Our Leadership

mr.shamilal wirasinha



Shamilal Wirasinha is the founder and Managing Director of Shan Teas (Private) Limited. He has been operating in the industry for over 24 years, which has qualified him to profoundly gauge the maneuvers of supplying a superior quality of Ceylon Tea. He provides insight into every process, including planting, plucking, and blending orthodox and contemporary teas. He further oversees the bespoke packaging and blending techniques to meet the needs of individual tea connoisseurs worldwide.

Shamilal heads the marketing division and has built amicable relationships with international clients. His longstanding relationship with the tea-making industry empowers him to become the premier supplier of Ceylon tea in the global market. Shamilal is a member of the Tea Exporters Association (TEA), GSI Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Russia Business Council, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, and Colombo Tea Traders Association (CTTA).

mr.ruwan wanigasooriya



Major General Ruwan Wanigasooriya (Retd) is the Director and CEO of Shan Teas (Private) Limited. Previously, he served a career in the military for over 35 years and subsequently retired in 2020 from his position of Commander in the Sri Lanka Army Volunteer Force. His time in the army empowered him to attain postgraduate academic qualifications, including MSc in Mgt (SL), MMAS (USA), and MSc in Strategic Studies (Indonesia). He also acquired experience in command, leadership, administration, logistics, HR, and training sectors in Sri Lanka, United Nations, and more. He has also been awarded distinguished service medals, including 'Uttama Seva Padakkama' and 'Vishishta Seva Vibhushanaya.'

mr.lasantha welikala



Lasantha Welikala is a Director of Shan Teas (Private) Limited. Previously, he worked as a Director in the Sri Lanka Tea Board from 2015-17. He has attained experience as a Director in four different tea exporting companies spanning over 30 years. Lasantha also provides consultations to Rainforest Alliance, an organization endorsing sustainable agriculture. In addition, he was an advisor for the ‘2030 Sri-Lanka Tea Roadmap team from 2011 and 2019. He has also acquired experience as a tea marketer, as he has collaborated with international tea export and marketing firms, particularly in Japan and Russia.

ms.sharika wirasinha



Sharika Wirasinha is a Director at Shan Teas (Private) Limited. She is an Associate Member of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK, and has worked at KPMG Forde Rhodes, Thornton & Company. Previously, Sharika worked in Financial, Operational, and General Management sectors. She also performed the role of Finance/Operations Manager at Brookrange Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. She is currently the Head of Finance at Ladies College, Colombo, and is a Founding Director of Tropical Agri Products (Pvt) Ltd.

mr.sriyan wirasinha



Since his retirement, Sriyan Wirasinha has regularly provided guidance and consultations to Shan Teas (Private) Limited. His expertise in SGS compliance and general administration has helped us grow in the plantation industry. He has spent most of his career spanning over 50 years managing premier up-country tea estates and factories across Sri Lanka. His expertise includes understanding different tea production areas and quality-driven techniques and practices. Sriyan also has over 20 years of experience working as the Deputy General Manager, Estates for Kotagala Plantations (Pvt) Ltd.

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