Four Seasons

Ceylon is a small island with no distinguishable seasons. However, the island experiences fluctuations in weather patterns following the elevation of the locality. As a result, the tea grown in distinct locations yields a divergent range of aromas, flavors, and properties.

The Four Seasons teas results from unique tea production in microclimatic areas. As a result, the brand features distinct flavors, aromas, brightness, and appearances that glorify each season

The Winter Season

The winter season tea reflects a bright, orange, full-body appearance, typically robust and lively flavor. A cup of this tea induces a sense of warmth that energizes the body.

The Spring Season

This tea is carefully selected from the Dimbula region. It has a striking bright red appearance and is packed with an aromatic flavor to provide the perfect balance of taste and fragrance.

The Summer Season

The summer tea grown in the Pussellawa region of Sri Lanka is meticulously selected. Its light, mellow, and soothing cup produces a zesty, fruity flavor that calms and refreshes the body in the hot summer climate.

The Autumn Season

This tea is grown in regions of Kandy and Nawalapitiya and is a semi-bodied blend that is well crafted to cater to the changes in the season that demand a warm cup of tea. These different teas are suitable for all connoisseurs and tea-enthusiasts living around the globe to drink and enjoy a warm cup of tea in any season.

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