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Shan Teas

Established in 2003, Shan Teas is one of the fastest growing tea exporting companies in Sri Lanka today. We are made of a healthy mix of passionate energy and hard won experience and pride ourselves in having won industrial respect and recognition for our long-term client relationships and absolute commitment to quality. With experience totaling over 4 decades in all aspects of tea production and sales, we are able to seamlessly adapt ourselves to the needs of our expanding list of international clientele.


Shamilal Wirasinha , Managing Director

Having grown up in a plantation atmosphere, tea has always been a part of Shamilal’s life. Having entered the tea trade at its most junior-most position at the age of 17, and having worked his way up to handling his own markets, he has experience in every aspect of marketing, purchasing and exporting tea to a wide variety of markets.
In 2003 Shamilal opened Shan Teas (Private) Limited with only one other member of staff. From this starting point the company has grown to be in the top 25 tea exporting firms in Sri Lanka, withmarkets in every major tea-exporting area in the world.
Shamilal believes in being directly involved in ensuring the quality of every shipment made by Shan Teas, and prioritises client contact and building long-term relationships with all his clients. He travels to all his markets every year to have direct contact with his clients and understand their requirements; an approach that is followed throughout the entire firm.

Sriyan Wirasinha , Consultant

Sriyan Wirasinha has more than 40 years of experience in the plantations industry, with more than half that experience being in managing some of the premier high-country tea estates and factories in Sri Lanka. To his expert knowledge in the areas of tea production and quality, Shriyan adds over two decades of expertise in the administration of estates and personnel in his capacity of Deputy General Manager, Estates for Kotagala Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. Since his retirement in 2012, Sriyan Wirasinha has lent his services as Consultant to Shan Teas (Pvt) Ltd., with special emphasis on SGS compliance and the general administration of the company.

Sanjeeva Saranapala , Director




Global Reach

Shan Teas has a global list of clients with a wide range of requirements. We are committed to tailor making our products to individual client needs whist maintaining the standard expected of Ceylon Tea. We understand that our clients’ requirements vary by culture, and believe in maintaining close personal contact with them to ensure our understanding of their needs.

Every year our client service team travels across to the world to meet with our clients and discuss their current and future needs. We make sure that we are abreast of the latest demands of our markets, as well as global trends, through our presence at major trade fairs in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
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Shan Teas undertakes every aspect of purchasing, packaging and delivering tea to our clients, prioritizing quality and prompt delivery in every shipment.


Shan Teas places the highest importance on the quality and timeliness of its deliveries, and has invested in the infrastructure and resources required to ensure a world-class standard of service to our clients.

We subject every aspect of our production process to ISO 22000:2005, HACCP and GMP standards, and ensure our daily compliance with these standards by working closely with specialist consultants who oversee our operations throughout the year.

The Shan Teas manufacturing facilities are maintained under the strictest standards of hygiene, with all personnel trained in the SGS standards of food preparation and packaging.